I am a on a journey to learn.

How  tangible life is when filtered through social media.

Hello. I am Sierra, a girl lost in her head and heart at home in the clouds.

I am one of the lucky ones, stumbling into a dream job and dream life.  I tattoo, you see, and draw for my bread and butter. After having lived as a resident tattoo artist in Southern German for 6 years, my feet became restless and it was time to lase up again!


In Germany, ‘Auf der Walz’ is a term used to describe a craftsman who goes on the road for a year to learn more about his or her craft.  They have a chance to soak up knowledge and come back mature artisans.

But one has to do it all before 30.

What is stopping me? NOTHING! So I too will join the ranks of traveling handworker, hitting up  North America and collecting  some knowledge.

I will be a sponge. People Places and Art of Tattooing.



Have I passed the journeyman rules?

  • You are debt free
  • You are childless (should not be running away from something!)
  • You gotta be under 30!
  • You have not been previously convicted of a crime.√
  • You have an apprenticeship diploma. (My online portfolio is my diploma!)

rules of conduct

  • Have to wear a specific costume; due to hygiene I will change out such costume elements.
  • Keep a daily record in my  ‘Wanderbuch’ aka Journeyblog.
  • Return with as much money as I left; this is not a pursuit of material fortune nor a gamble with riches; it is a way to learn.
  • Cannot return within 50km of my home. I consider Ulm my home, so alas! Mom we have to meet in the Alps.

So, one year to soak up all the delicious people, their stories, culture, art, tattooing, and most importantly, how to be a business woman.

Yes please,what did dad always say?

 go hard or go home. 😉