So, I have come across lots of hyper kids like me who have taken to the road figuratively; they have chosen to live outside convention and become a Colorado transient chasing the waves’ or ‘powder, or they have become freelancer. 
They can be a bit skewy, their brains flowing like honey- thanks Adam-  or super fast neorotransmitters jumping through topics of thought like a madman- thanks Kevin;)- 

I have found they need movement and action to calm them, plus some do smoke to compensate that blasting energy (sidenote- Colorado). They are the movers and doers and ADHD meds really only ofset that energy.

I took Ritalin for years. I never talked about it because of the judgement I would recieve, especially in southern Germany 🙂 Since returning stateside, and not having the option to see a doctor on a regular basis, I decided to quit taking it and see who I am again. 

I have a lot of fear concerning this; what if I can’t get stuff done? What if my creative, wild spagetti brain takes over and I am even more chaotic than now?

Also, coming from a classic eating disordered history, what if i gain signifigant weight? So much to do and so mich changing while on the road, this is just another inconstant variable.

But lets try. No one reads the blog and it makes for more concise thinking than just a journal.

I mean, I am a chaos kid, right? What can go wrong! ( putting on my knee and elbow pads as I write, ;)))