The American Dream

Our excited Alvin finally getting his first bite: how enticing that shiny, dark cadium fruit of life appeared. And how it was! The first night in the bouroughs of Bushwick; colors of skin varrying like that of the Granny Smiths and Braeburns , but the plastic aftertaste  of ‘The City’ left a oily, container taste at the back of the tongue.

Welcome to Corporate Tourism. Subways- under-construction, clash of the camera-ladened Clansman, guttertrash polidhed sidewalks and Money! Money to be poured out everywhere.

It is so expansive, it leaves you in awe followed by awkward indecision:  Where to next? 
Travellor’s Tip: avoid AirBnbs in Bushwick. (But not Airbnb all together! Stick Super Airbnbers, reviews are worth their weight in gold!)  Hosts called Lauren will seek to scam you. Don’t mess with Alvin, he comes from Mafia land.