Thank you Josh Hall.

And not to bust Mr. Hall’s Balloons, Pappy McCall you are the man. It was kind and humble of you to show me the ropes! 

Will your tattoo last more than 30 years? Yellow fades, no matter what, so blast it in. Sidenote, scales on the back of eagle wing; 2 layers of feathers- how to shade it as fast as possible.

Traditionalism rules /implications:

1. Let Jerry  do it. If you can’t draw that eagle up to scratch, traditionally speaking, let Jerry do it, Malone do it, Owen Jensen, Doc King.You are allowed to copy old flash, IF YOU DO IT WELL. Just give credit. Jerry did it.

2. Black black black. It needs more black

3. 10-11 volt liner. No joke, it’s like a bike. The faster you go the straiter your path, but only if you have the experience to control them’ wheels.

4.Trad’ colors. Was there magenta? Hell no. How about Orange? Nope. Red. Green. Solid golden yellow. Brown. Maybe purple and blue, after the 50’s

Also. Big fat powder pigments. Not micro pigments like Fusion; make it so that blasted sun cannot break up that color!
5. Flash: really good paper, caligraphy pen, watercolormor acrylic inks. SPITSHADING

6. Throw it out:  if you color out of the lines, throe it out! Start over. As replicated and true as possible! Unlike my painterly- abstract direction that is always reinventing itself, Old School is like laying pipes: as clean and solid as possible.

7. Tattoo it like you paint your flash. Solid, same weight lines. Black from corner wip shaded out. Broen, green red, yellow. Hell no, no white!

8. Right Machine for the job. Efficient and easy. Keep it simple stupid.
I love to learn;)