I have lost a friend and a partner.

We were a drug you could not buy and a time too quick to catch. When together, everyone was invited to the pleasure party but few could keep up. I adored him, but in the case of all lovers of love, adored many; besides, what is love when continents seperate bodies? Both have their own lives to lead.

I wonder if I miss him because the void – filled with constant travel and new highs, kicks and giggles- opened up and reminded me Germany is in the near. You can’t fill a heart with kidgames, not when you are returning to what created that crator in the first place.

There will be no pleasure cruise this time round, no ecstacy nor wondermeant; no clean kitchen tattooing and a host of friends to attend our party of two. Late nights, batting eyes, burgers burgers and smiley kid fries- there will be no Alvin.

Despite knowing the seperate pathes we travel now, it has been a joy having your comforting hand in mine, making this path just a bit more stable knowing we were missed and loved, by someone wonderful