Dubl’nMay 26th, long layover
Don’t know what was I expecting

But this is what I found: tired


 -travelling alone to who knows where see what is what not, beautiful cobbled streets paved with the dirty, useless bits I used to cling to: ___________ and _____________, cloudy wonderment of mind and moments of estatic clearity

My body says. No, my mind says: And? Is there not more? Run to something not escape from existence.

I battled with being a bore and staying in the Airport; how lame said my half. You are not taking advantage of the situation!
But with every city comes a since of loss, loneliness and readiness to build! Not spend. The human condition can be quite ugly in a city. Productive, gaudy, loud exhausting: a bore says the other half.
No one talks to the girl keeping to herself.Few leave their packs to put coins in cups.Pack mentality at it’s finest; I like it so, don’t get me wrong- intelligent conversation is hard to find among ones’ cups.

It is so good to have seen this, despite the time it took; a very clear line drawn between the past and potential future.
The last run: a metropolis through another’s eyes. How I hope it rekindles the passion, sharing cobbled bits of sensation with one I love.