Check these kids out! Cor cor the Pop collector and Skye Mr. Vegan Apprentice

Fanny Pack and Mr. Chris, crazy Mad- color Gabe , Miss Amber our privy parts party piercer and Rusty, the master of the Switch.

Angel, Dylan, Michael Pierced by a Wolf, also my darling. Emily Tides-

All of you guys have been fantastic. This shop opperates like an Art Gallery, each artist is given their own creative space and can come to nest under one organized roof.

I had a blast with these amazing artists. They work hard, each have their two days off in recompense for 10 hr long back to backs, eating awesome food and have that sense of community that leans still towards a ‘family’ shop, despite amount of artists. It was great! If you ever want a Satellite shop, you know where to find me… well, maybe…. Asheville next!