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Lost out there

Lady on a Mission

Category / Writing

Fear, sadness

I have lost a friend and a partner. We were a drug you could not buy and a time too quick to catch. When together, everyone was invited to the pleasure party but few could keep up. I adored him, but in the case of all lovers of love, adored many; besides, what is love […]



Between the breadth of 18 hours, head twirls on it’s toes. Mind packed with tattoo ideas, flash and painting possibillities, mixing with that withdraw of emotion following an intense time with another individual. Ludwigsburg, what a surpising about of foreign minds and music love. And returning to Magnolia, Tx, a place -despite having harbored my […]


Never Stop

Drawing? Dancing?  Acting with conviction and slightly askewed undiplomatic passion Living breathing seeing   -seeing light and taking in all the  flavors of night and quiet considerations, wild outside sounds open windows fresh air while he is    is   -is Writing and cooking, grimacing at unexpected cold coffee and me smiling at his silly […]