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Lost out there

Lady on a Mission

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Bizzare Events, Bushwick

Now infiltraited with hipster white kids and walkable nighttime tracks, I hit up a delightfully twisted event called ‘Circus Satanis’, held in Bushwick’s Bizzare Bar and Venue. -Smurf about to take off those delicate baby garments- Just the distraction I needed when left with a hole somewhere near my blood pumping center. -staple those dollars- […]


New York New York

 New York Riding trains This is what I dreamt about When I peruse through the coral depths and seaweed entangled lengths of memory, it is often strewn with the walking of cities, the smelling of new fragrances and fumes, the observations of people in their natural habitat and neighborhoods ticktocking behind their unique Grandfather faces. […]


Crew House

Check it out, right in the heart of Fort Lauerdale yacht scene. Staying in a crew house! He’s wiped or  just sprang his ankle running from a security guard. Whi knows? It’s kind of like a mixture of College, Dexter, and a smiling retirement community. Lots of springbreakers, probably suspicious blood patterns, and probiotics.  Yachts. […]