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Lost out there

Lady on a Mission

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A Man of Integrity

Life lived without signifigant regret Happens to those who live with integrity and are guided by their faith. My Grandpa, Jim Ruffer. Jet Pilot, Marine, Doctor, Teacher He who leaves a mark and his grandaughter, my strong and compassionate sister following his lead. 


From Philly with love

NE COAST: stop 2 We hit up Phillly’s best: Cheesesteak to infamous Mütter Museum then the radest art cafe: The Pharmacy We left NY, glad to leave that conglamorite  of chaos for more ‘local and historic hood shores. Travellor tip: stick to the Hamburgs and Glasglows for your sanity. Tourist Metrpolises are grand for film […]


NYC: The Red and Delicious Apple 

The American Dream Our excited Alvin finally getting his first bite: how enticing that shiny, dark cadium fruit of life appeared. And how it was! The first night in the bouroughs of Bushwick; colors of skin varrying like that of the Granny Smiths and Braeburns , but the plastic aftertaste  of ‘The City’ left a […]


Dublin Layover

Dubl’nMay 26th, long layover Don’t know what was I expecting But this is what I found: tired Travel  -travelling alone to who knows where see what is what not, beautiful cobbled streets paved with the dirty, useless bits I used to cling to: ___________ and _____________, cloudy wonderment of mind and moments of estatic clearity […]


Blue Ridge Parkway: Breathtaking Views

Instead of hiking it, I could not help driving the length of curve and dashing turns- so many ‘gaps’ or over reaches ine could look from. Appalachia is rather dull this time of year, being March, one can only dream of the green of spring or eery hues in Fall.


Dispersed camping vs. Hotel 6

US National Forests offer free camping sights year round. No Toilets or convient ammenities, reminding us how we are really just animals pooping in the woods;) Choosing this place over a Walmart parking lot or moldy hotel lenins was the best decision: live outside your comfort zone and be rewarded with the kiss of […]



Between the breadth of 18 hours, head twirls on it’s toes. Mind packed with tattoo ideas, flash and painting possibillities, mixing with that withdraw of emotion following an intense time with another individual. Ludwigsburg, what a surpising about of foreign minds and music love. And returning to Magnolia, Tx, a place -despite having harbored my […]


Single Mothers

Old friends are where it is at. Also the band is rather delightful, especially for a 13 year old in a 29year olds body 😉 Many people say come and visit, and the ones who fight through traffic and cross state lines are friends for life 😉 Mel was one of my first friends here […]


My girl, our music, bask in the sunshine sometime

Support Being supported Supporting, I have to work on that last one-being a doer I tend to forget to watch, support others in their work and passion. After this years ‘get Autonomous year’,  that will be my next goal. We can’t do it alone. My girl Carol Ann brings the suave elegance to the party. […]