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No bragging Hella ja bragging I have become a 10x better artist, working at a shop where one does not have the luxury of time. You come in, I will figure how to draw it for you. Thank you to Freddie for his humility and words of Practical wisdom. And Jeff, for putting up with my […]


Love tattoos! Friends or lovers, just share the love! 

To be able to share the sweetest moments with a couple, those first few days of being united or the annual celebration – is so grand! Being rosy cheeked myself, I am able to share into their feelings. Cheers to joy for it will have to carry one far Wisconsinites!  Thank you child paster and […]


Remember those?

Chsnnel Howard Roarke And build. A point of Ayn Rand is to use your own strength to build masterpieces. Use your own creativity and determination and don’t make excuses. Something that detears me from working really hard is working really hard.  I have to remember that bold creative changes were not made by impulse buy […]



Lots of love! Lots of days to be celebrated but few remembered in such eloquent fashion. When a lovely hippie like couple comes strolling in, right at noon for a ‘ mini’ tattoo, one just has to smile. What is love but adventure and the celebration of a moment in time.


Earth go Hard

Ever heard of lil’ dicky? No joke White jewish rapper playing the word and rhythm game. Berry berry enjoyable. Got to tattoo these peoples- such a delight the random visitoesnof the shop; almost everyday is ends with new impressions.  Oh ja, and he’s Aquarius. Hella ja! I know my fellow breathren. Good luck kids!



Quick change Or the long game. Been here for about 2 months and every week is either a small, lady like developement or a massive upturn- usually incured by quick reactions and lack ofadequate  planning. Life is wonderful and we should not expect pleasure; but ain’t that the oil to life? WD40 Quick change


Lightning Kid

Some people are so perceptive and masters of their own fate; the American dream is realized through hard word, ambitious     undertakings, and solid partnership. I love tattooing couples and seeing  how their footpathes intertwine into paved roads; human nature a rope of many threads. Thanks for discussing Life and the wee bits inbetween


Well, you have to subscribe for 6 months, but maybe you meet that dream mate! Although organic is pretty darn nice ( though not free- make sure he can afford a train ticket), it’s nice to see two lovely beeing coming together. As this Stanford chemistry grad said, if her picker was off, why not […]


Trees for recovery

2 years sober From the backwoods of Alabama to the cold wiley winters of Oregan, this kid travelled down from from Michigan’s Detroit for a ‘sobering vacation with like minded friends. Asheville is a place to be stabile. Because of it’s organic take on growth, one is allowed to develope at their own speed.  How […]


New York New York

 New York Riding trains This is what I dreamt about When I peruse through the coral depths and seaweed entangled lengths of memory, it is often strewn with the walking of cities, the smelling of new fragrances and fumes, the observations of people in their natural habitat and neighborhoods ticktocking behind their unique Grandfather faces. […]



That doesn’t necessarily mean ‘JOIN, OR DIE’ like Franklin says, but be THAT person TO TAKE ACTION IN IT. If you want to feel national pride, participate in an encouraging way to shape your community. I left the USA in expatriot dust, now I return and realize it all begins with your local community.  Asheville […]


Sugar Momma Brazilian

So reserved and like a simple student she seems, well  no…….. Peices are often natural born leaders because of their contemplative minds. One would think them to flow with their emotions like water, but really- when in check of matural intuition- are great motivators and organizers. This Brazilian is no exception, at 23 she a […]


Gather Awareness

And be thankful for your health. It is not a given. This lovely gentleman lost his ‘Minimouse’  a week before. So we retained her memory on his arm. I see so much more loss here compared to having worked in Germany; I wonder if it is because of our culrural approach to it or actual […]



It seems like a lot of shops I visit are more on the outskirts of a city; interesting. Could be because lower costs or because as artists start to develope families, they want a safer, calm environment. Who knows!  This shop has a solid, competent and kind team. We see how the week rolls! Lots […]



You know there are dog daycares? I did not; it’s equivalent for children exceptwith a grooming sess’thrown in.  In a time when Millienals are choosing pets over having kids, an interesting notion. For a few dollars today let those darlins’ play;) Thank you Josh fellow gentleman tattooers, I learnt so much had a wonderful time […]


So I Got An Eagle

You wanna learn? Then pay attention; American Traditionalism in 30 minutes. Thin, single pass line. What size needles did Jerry use? 3, 5’s. Every 5 years the line expands and doubles in thickness. And if you can’t get it done in one pass, try harder. That said, he runs fast machines with experienced hands. Cleaned […]


Get a **ck**** Eagle

Thank you Josh Hall. And not to bust Mr. Hall’s Balloons, Pappy McCall you are the man. It was kind and humble of you to show me the ropes!  Will your tattoo last more than 30 years? Yellow fades, no matter what, so blast it in. Sidenote, scales on the back of eagle wing; 2 […]


First tats of the season!

And we are off! What great ladies- Stacy and Heidi- from the analytics of personalities ro how it is raising kids at such a young age, my my we girls of travel be a diverse lot. Take care  ladies, you are awesome Dallas, ain’t so bad. A bit too shiny but so it rolls!  Couchsurfing […]



Carnival is back in town! Full action all the time, that’s right folks- these be some mean muscle maschine tattoo artists.  Well, not mean. Delightful actually! Since I met Mr. Hall, I have come quite a way. Edging away from that Eurotrash art and doing some ‘REAL LINES’


Burley Btch*in Butch Tattoo

It was the mutual style of cut off ts and make- up free virgin faces. And the manic energy, two powerhouses of creative madness. Sarah, we will be friends for life I hope. At least roomies and roamers. You reaffirm the doubt a freelancer has, hells girl you be kickin’ it!

Upcoming Guest spots!!!!

UPCOMING GUEST SPOTS: Feb 24th-March 3rd: Josh Hall & Co, Dallas Texas March 6TH-19TH: No Hard Feelings Tattoo, Coral Springs, FL March 24th-26th: Freaks and Geeks Sideshow, Asheville, NC April 7th-9th: Baltimore Tattoo Convention April 10th-23rd: Mt. Vernon Body Art, Baltimore, MD


From New to Old 

From customer to friend. Theough tattooing one discovers other’s minds, dreams, and depth of heart. Thank you Lena for the many years pf patronage, it was pleasure seeing the rather sweet face of anslytics again. And note this: it will all get better!!!


Be kind 

I adore this boy. And life. Come and go, relationship or free spirits uniting under bewildering circumstance: trust your instinct and be free. If people or external perception trap you, aim for objectivity. I go soon, but not memory or a feeling of solidarity. We see, 6 months is only as long as one percieves […]


Heart of Roses

So before I left on my grand mission, a lovely damsel wrote to get a tattoo. Coincedently, she started to work with my partner at the Rock n’ Roll Bar in Ludwigsburg. Was it fate? Yes Watercolor roses! You are Energy, lovely Hannah. Kind and excited, a passionate person with a heart set on life. […]


Single Mothers

Old friends are where it is at. Also the band is rather delightful, especially for a 13 year old in a 29year olds body 😉 Many people say come and visit, and the ones who fight through traffic and cross state lines are friends for life 😉 Mel was one of my first friends here […]


Planting New Roots

Working as a custom artist at a lovely  shop taught me discipline, structure, and how to draw to the client’sneeds. I am not a flash artist but a builder of creative ideas, and am thankful that Rabauke brought me to where I am today.  So many things I was told and shown I can now […]



I don’t ever want to experience something like this, but it was wonderful that you shared it with me, Colby.  His Story: at 18 months their little boy passed away from a rare case of Epilepsy. A week later, this vibrant, charismatic gentleman landed on my stool.  I get to share unbelievable things with people, […]


Woman in a Mountain

The gems of the job! So I’ve gotten into Zodiacs- no really! It makes for a fun, hardly credible analysis- And I realized, like my Mom in germany, Cancer women tend to focus their emotions through solitary physical activity.  This Cancer, a Geologist, has climbed many a’steep slopes. Maybe I will go rock climbing next […]


Slothe in the Shop! 

Best day of my life. Almost. Too busy to actually get to hold the slothe! I got to hang out with some of my favorite ladies. Intelligent, intuitive, dynamic in thought and quirky passion! Miss Sperm whale, cave- climbing rad redhead! You are tough as nails, girl and I am pumped we got to continue […]


Townies, goodbye Breck’

Picture psychedelic musings over  expresso and pizza; in Breck’  that is normal. People interchange their boards for bikes as soon as summer comes, they don’t stop moving until they are travelling somewhere else. My guys at the local market; brightening my every visit! Good vibes, fuel for the travelor heart.  If only my car did […]


Friendship since Middle school

Last day at Godspeed; When I began my pre- journey last year I was set on serving something higher than myself. Stumbeling apon a shop called ‘Godspeed’ was  coincidental; last day of my epiphany and 5 ladies all living their life fully.  Make friends, serve community


Down the looking glass

I am a romantic; stories and color and not just the taste of the cake buy how was it made and with what? What makes the cream linger on your lips and the strawberry dance among the buds of your tongue? The layers of fluff or the soft crunch of an excellent crust: A great […]


Welcome to the Virgin Islands

If you can cause tattoo and talk nonstop, you might have found the perfect client. Therapist? Yes, paid for both giving pain and connecting with a new individual; I couldn’t have asked for a more fun time. Thank you Stingray Geno! You bet your bottome dollar I will be visiting Virgin Islands soon… ;))


SE Alaskian Native American Art, and then some

The best tattoos tell a story or share an adventure; it was a pleasure to tattoo this artwork by a member of  the Tlingit Tribe, Israel  Shotridge.  Check out those thighs! You can tell the lady that recieved it was an advent Trekker and permeant Transient. Oxymoron, eh? 



Skitowns bartenders tattooers travellers livers and lovers of life; a resort town brings unique perspective strait from the service industry. Worker bees anywhere else, thrivers here. Wild kids happy feet and hearts; imagine you are working just to ride. This wild apple is a piece of the chaos, perpetual wanderer and man of the woods. […]


Kid’s got style

Every night invites adventure. If you are open, fuelled by good people and excellent belgian bier (thank you Breck’ Tap Room), then the night is yours! Met this rad kid and ended up drawing up a sick goblin shark; somehow it made it’s way onto his leg. Cheers to the movers!!! ADHD kids just need […]


Artist’s Ink! What a found farewell as we transend into Winter

It has been a pleasure. The ease oflittle Summerside   cannot be understood until snow is afoot and and frost is at hand. One goes from the hustle and bustle of late fall to the serenity of white. What a kind place, the people being the heart of the matter, and a charming place to […]


Demon Cleaner

Sourpatch Tank This guy crossed that road of empathetic intuition and a  double-knuckled life. A lot of people make their own problems; he just had them patiencently handed to him, silverplatter and all. It took support of a ‘ferraro cheesecake-VW-BUG’ driving alongside; the road ain’t so lonley when one has a warm hand to hold. […]


Finally, I reached my financial goal.

I got tipped in cookies.  I repeat, i was tipped in love. Homemade, warm bread-of-life cookies. It beets out the carrots!! This English rose lived a enough for three lifetimes (each one of their own occupation); also, a garderner of life and wisdom. Thank you for the advice; eveynperson brings you one step further. Or […]


She’s Mint, eh?

Oyster and lobster fishing are where it’s at on Prince Edward. Long-haul summers, quiet, contemplative winters (gym😉), a man can do well for himself here. Catch of the day? Two nice lads who restored my faith the music culture of the Island. Also, I might get to go oyster fishin’!!!


Vintage Ladies

Two awesome ladies, one French Canadian and one South African. A friend from the past and both for the future? I hope so! Th latter is moving from Texas to Seattle, better for her more liberal mentality! Girls wit brain move North! Just kidding. And the other builds a island nest, fit with vintage fixie-uppers […]



Meet Whitcomb, she my Middle of the Week Monday girl. A collector of eagles and a helper for Houston’s homeless; not every badass fits into a simple box. She was was awesome!! Also Alex and Brett, two crazy Prince Edward Islanders. Showing some Country pride? Yes. Rock on guys!



The Girls! I tattoo this lady every time I come to town. She’s so tough, you might forget she’s a cough dough (really kind).  Thanks guys! Superchango, a great shop. If you are located in the Houston area, hit them up!!!