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Get Sober and you win this guy

 A few months ago, arriving in town and ready for beer and socialite action,  I discovered my knack for isolating lead to  abusing of alcohal or food. This path, a dangerous midnight alley, is not as appealling as once was. I sought sollace in Night Owls, a group of loan wolfes uniting under a […]


My boys

I grew up with boys. Dad a coach, much of my profession hella’ lot of testosterone- but these lads? Well. They take the cake. You’re like blood-sisters This night began with The 4 agreements, but it ended up somewhere entireley. Thank you Freckles.


viA and wild woman nights

They take over a stage and it ends in disco dance moves outside the shop. Ja, darling, let it roll. Check out Via! I’ve been here a few months and already getting a woman pack- strong independent women; hard and tough yet empathetic and  delightful. I wasn’t sure if I should jump back into the […]


NYC: The Red and Delicious Apple 

The American Dream Our excited Alvin finally getting his first bite: how enticing that shiny, dark cadium fruit of life appeared. And how it was! The first night in the bouroughs of Bushwick; colors of skin varrying like that of the Granny Smiths and Braeburns , but the plastic aftertaste  of ‘The City’ left a […]


Hotspot of the Hood

Libraries, used book stores, wonderful outside cafes and delictable chocolate eateries …. walking the River arts district and falling in love time and time again with a dream house This place is killer and I am glad to have spent time with my friend Carol Ann


Asheville, city of simple pleasures

Bearded men pushing baby strollers,  Music venues,microwbreweries, laundrymats! Laundrymats speak of transients and communals, of older filk and new arrivals. Each storefront an artist’s delight, it’s the less pretensious, more outdoorsy Aunt of Austin. Cool March air pushes for something productive and robust: a hike perhaps, or the simple act of doing your laundry. What […]


Blue Ridge Parkway: Breathtaking Views

Instead of hiking it, I could not help driving the length of curve and dashing turns- so many ‘gaps’ or over reaches ine could look from. Appalachia is rather dull this time of year, being March, one can only dream of the green of spring or eery hues in Fall.


Be wary of the Chimpanzies

And welcoming to new friends Travelors of like mind surface from mountains to cities to sunny, Floridian beaches. I found this one in Fort Lauderdale. Cody escorted me on nighttime surf adventures and palm tree yacht- talk walks. This kid spent   months exploring Vietnam to Cambodia to Laos and, speeding along with only moped and […]


Character spices up the pie

Check these kids out! Cor cor the Pop collector and Skye Mr. Vegan Apprentice Fanny Pack and Mr. Chris, crazy Mad- color Gabe , Miss Amber our privy parts party piercer and Rusty, the master of the Switch. Angel, Dylan, Michael Pierced by a Wolf, also my darling. Emily Tides- All of you guys have […]



You know there are dog daycares? I did not; it’s equivalent for children exceptwith a grooming sess’thrown in.  In a time when Millienals are choosing pets over having kids, an interesting notion. For a few dollars today let those darlins’ play;) Thank you Josh fellow gentleman tattooers, I learnt so much had a wonderful time […]


The Beer and Butter Diet

Should be taken in calm measure. Where oh where have the elegant  limbs and nimble feet gone?  Wonder why truckers have guts- all that driving! After a beer and butter diet for the last feew weeks, time let those limbs move! So I did by hitting up the Woodlands fine and wealthy living communities;)  First […]


Single Mothers

Old friends are where it is at. Also the band is rather delightful, especially for a 13 year old in a 29year olds body 😉 Many people say come and visit, and the ones who fight through traffic and cross state lines are friends for life 😉 Mel was one of my first friends here […]


Birthmas Burgerplus

One wild night makes for a chilled out birthday. Last year I promised myself never to spend it so melancholic a state. I had a date to leave and no concrete plans. It was cold, a bit desolate, and the calm before the storm. Cheapest flight found, best decision thus far 2017. When you are […]



Romantics Always wanted to be picked up by a nervous, energetic italian guitarist at an airport.  Dream come true. And check out my prebday gift! A stewardess at KLM asked me to draw something up so I did-  And then I was fiven a notebook. Every year at this time I have anew one. What […]


Who needs sparkplugs?

Paying 2 grand for a car implies complication. I love it; i have stop overs in beautiful places.  Found a cheap motel, first of the trip. Colorado Inn, clean and on the main strip. Even have a rad mechanic next door With skylines like this to greet one so early, I think I can handle […]


Down the looking glass

I am a romantic; stories and color and not just the taste of the cake buy how was it made and with what? What makes the cream linger on your lips and the strawberry dance among the buds of your tongue? The layers of fluff or the soft crunch of an excellent crust: A great […]


Broken Compass Brewery

Taste the spokes, play some trivia I am not be the fountain of knowledge, but we had a killer team of service industry professionals, skiers, snowboarders, high critical tv information gathers, and the token Brit;)) Try the Coconut Porter, a real Christmas treat! Where can someone get so cozy in a brewery, win gloves, and […]


Nighttime Nomads

Welcome to the good life: one feels glad to be here, glad to slip on freezing ground, wake up with limited oxygen but happy bodies and and jovial hearts. Taste new substances, befriend new folk, just move.  When in Colorado… I have made a new travelling friend. Our moonlight escapade to Radiam Hot Springs began […]


Midwest coutry

Good people, rural landscape. Land of industry with the scattering of alternative    thought and conserved energy.  Car camping in midwest winter is a bit absurd, that is why I was so thankful to be able to stay with two wonderful brain people in Lincoln, Nebraska. One college town it’s just like another college town, […]

Baltimore, an artist’s haven

Creative heart beating to erratic change in weather; this city is like Russian Circles. Monica the queen of illustrative local brews,  Dan baking up a storm at Pizza Party Printing, Clay Anarkopunk turned clean cut shop owner ( !! Ok, over-exaggeration) – the kids make up the heart blood of Baltimore. It has a fierce, […]


If people were places…

There would be a hella ‘lotta uglies out there.  Also blonde bombshells and brunette beauties. Maine and New Hampshire hosts rosie-cheeked fisherman’s daughters, they towns decorated with 19 century brick and charming wooden houses. For a magical Christmas weekend, early December in the north east celebrates the season swithout the frostbite. If you are lucky […]


The only you thing you need…

If you are a bit downtrodden and unsure, wondering where you are headed and the speed at which it will take you, do not fret. Be calm and know, chicken soup is right ariund the corner. Seriously, who said CHICKEN SOUP, meatloaf, and Santa couldn’t fix everything?  Mr. and Mrs. Hegler are the dream grandparen team. […]


Artist’s Ink! What a found farewell as we transend into Winter

It has been a pleasure. The ease oflittle Summerside   cannot be understood until snow is afoot and and frost is at hand. One goes from the hustle and bustle of late fall to the serenity of white. What a kind place, the people being the heart of the matter, and a charming place to […]


Gilmore Girls

​​’You have yer Long Johns on?’ Gilmore girls Canadian version So many families, kids, firetrucks, spirit.  Christmas parade, Summerside PE Fireball hot chocolate, minus the fireball. What’s not to rejoice about,  tis the season’ 



The Girls! I tattoo this lady every time I come to town. She’s so tough, you might forget she’s a cough dough (really kind).  Thanks guys! Superchango, a great shop. If you are located in the Houston area, hit them up!!!