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Lost out there

Lady on a Mission

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From Philly with love

NE COAST: stop 2 We hit up Phillly’s best: Cheesesteak to infamous Mütter Museum then the radest art cafe: The Pharmacy We left NY, glad to leave that conglamorite  of chaos for more ‘local and historic hood shores. Travellor tip: stick to the Hamburgs and Glasglows for your sanity. Tourist Metrpolises are grand for film […]


Be wary of the Chimpanzies

And welcoming to new friends Travelors of like mind surface from mountains to cities to sunny, Floridian beaches. I found this one in Fort Lauderdale. Cody escorted me on nighttime surf adventures and palm tree yacht- talk walks. This kid spent   months exploring Vietnam to Cambodia to Laos and, speeding along with only moped and […]



Romantics Always wanted to be picked up by a nervous, energetic italian guitarist at an airport.  Dream come true. And check out my prebday gift! A stewardess at KLM asked me to draw something up so I did-  And then I was fiven a notebook. Every year at this time I have anew one. What […]


Slothe in the Shop! 

Best day of my life. Almost. Too busy to actually get to hold the slothe! I got to hang out with some of my favorite ladies. Intelligent, intuitive, dynamic in thought and quirky passion! Miss Sperm whale, cave- climbing rad redhead! You are tough as nails, girl and I am pumped we got to continue […]

Baltimore, an artist’s haven

Creative heart beating to erratic change in weather; this city is like Russian Circles. Monica the queen of illustrative local brews,  Dan baking up a storm at Pizza Party Printing, Clay Anarkopunk turned clean cut shop owner ( !! Ok, over-exaggeration) – the kids make up the heart blood of Baltimore. It has a fierce, […]