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Lost out there

Lady on a Mission

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My way of saying I care

Homemade cards Are how i communicate. You are loved, remembered, thought of. Don’t forget how special you are; sunshine in a hand basket To grandma, the aunts, moms and sisters. We are a unity and I am thankful for everything you have given me, be it time, support, a  hug or a ring. You are […]


Get a **ck**** Eagle

Thank you Josh Hall. And not to bust Mr. Hall’s Balloons, Pappy McCall you are the man. It was kind and humble of you to show me the ropes!  Will your tattoo last more than 30 years? Yellow fades, no matter what, so blast it in. Sidenote, scales on the back of eagle wing; 2 […]


Never Stop

Drawing? Dancing?  Acting with conviction and slightly askewed undiplomatic passion Living breathing seeing   -seeing light and taking in all the  flavors of night and quiet considerations, wild outside sounds open windows fresh air while he is    is   -is Writing and cooking, grimacing at unexpected cold coffee and me smiling at his silly […]


Avalanche Seminar

I went for the free pasta and came out with one piece of info: Buy stuff. I am sure  were more facts, but drawing Mountains took over my mental capacity to retain information. Heres what I have:  1. they are going to kill you 2. you have 15 min. till you die from lack of […]



Do you have 1/4th? 1/8th? 8%? Ancestry fuels us, binds us to history, DEFINES where our character comes from. How many times have I heard someone’s grandmother was a Sioux, a Cherokee, a lost cause romantic ideal. I know, i am romanticising, but I LOVE ROMANCE; nostalgia is a a pivotal point of traditional tattooing. But […]