Now infiltraited with hipster white kids and walkable nighttime tracks, I hit up a delightfully twisted event called ‘Circus Satanis’, held in Bushwick’s Bizzare Bar and Venue.

-Smurf about to take off those delicate baby garments-

Just the distraction I needed when left with a hole somewhere near my blood pumping center.

-staple those dollars-

Sword swallowing stripteases and raunchy Clown recieving multiple pokes and incersions; the last act the- the Facial Suspension, was intense.

-swallowing swords-

From suburban shopping at Nordstrom rack and Trader Joes,  to hanging from a 600lb- capable hook, to each his own and all ways to to get high. Some people spend money, others excersize or create art or play music or just work; or indulge in alcohal or food, these kids made a show out of pushing limits, and it was indeed a piece of the pleasure pie