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Lost out there

Lady on a Mission

Get Sober and you win this guy

A few months ago, arriving in town and ready for beer and socialite action,  I discovered my knack for isolating lead to  abusing of alcohal or food. This path, a dangerous midnight alley, is not as appealling as once was.

I sought sollace in Night Owls, a group of loan wolfes uniting under a pack of sobriety.

I found kindness and compassion, friends and people ready, WILLING for change.

And I found him. Accidently. Lovely. Your my guy, Mr. Swanson.  And yes, we need more gun regulation



No bragging

Hella ja bragging

I have become a 10x better artist, working at a shop where one does not have the luxury of time. You come in, I will figure how to draw it for you.

Thank you to Freddie for his humility and words of Practical wisdom.

And Jeff, for putting up with my BS. You sr kings! 


Love tattoos! Friends or lovers, just share the love! 

To be able to share the sweetest moments with a couple, those first few days of being united or the annual celebration – is so grand!

Being rosy cheeked myself, I am able to share into their feelings. Cheers to joy for it will have to carry one far


Thank you child paster and master banker! Cheers to cheese curds and beefsticks! 

Good luck Girls with them Ohioan’ famil members! If they cannot accept you, we will! Visit again

My wild child girls; auper fun and maybe bffs to be- haha, taking me back to high school


Remember those?

Chsnnel Howard Roarke

And build.

A point of Ayn Rand is to use your own strength to build masterpieces. Use your own creativity and determination and don’t make excuses. Something that detears me from working really hard is working really hard. 

I have to remember that bold creative changes were not made by impulse buy determined effort. This is either a slow reminder or a positive step in the right direction. I am scared to put my all in case it’s in the wrong direction but the best show is the one leaving you with a strong clean present message.The best art comes from bold consistent intentional strokes,not from luck.

God grants Us with this sight to see an open door but we have to take those steps.


My boys

I grew up with boys. Dad a coach, much of my profession hella’ lot of testosterone- but these lads? Well. They take the cake. You’re like blood-sisters

This night began with The 4 agreements, but it ended up somewhere entireley. Thank you Freckles.



Lots of love! Lots of days to be celebrated but few remembered in such eloquent fashion. When a lovely hippie like couple comes strolling in, right at noon for a ‘ mini’ tattoo, one just has to smile. What is love but adventure and the celebration of a moment in time.


My way of saying I care

Homemade cards

Are how i communicate. You are loved, remembered, thought of. Don’t forget how special you are; sunshine in a hand basket

To grandma, the aunts, moms and sisters.

We are a unity and I am thankful for everything you have given me, be it time, support, a  hug or a ring. You are golden. 


Earth go Hard

Ever heard of lil’ dicky? No joke

White jewish rapper playing the word and rhythm game. Berry berry enjoyable. Got to tattoo these peoples- such a delight the random visitoesnof the shop; almost everyday is ends with new impressions. 

Oh ja, and he’s Aquarius. Hella ja! I know my fellow breathren. Good luck kids!


viA and wild woman nights

They take over a stage and it ends in disco dance moves outside the shop. Ja, darling, let it roll. Check out Via!

I’ve been here a few months and already getting a woman pack- strong independent women; hard and tough yet empathetic and  delightful.

I wasn’t sure if I should jump back into the dating saddle. Ego boost? Sure. Fanciful-fairly-like-high-to-sky elation? Great. But the clean up crew hasn’t finished from the last party. 

Wipe your hands and slowly pick yourself back up. Friends are golden, I made that mistake for the last time choosing a partner over them. Thanks girls, rock on! 



Quick change

Or the long game.

Been here for about 2 months and every week is either a small, lady like developement or a massive upturn- usually incured by quick reactions and lack ofadequate  planning. Life is wonderful and we should not expect pleasure; but ain’t that the oil to life? WD40

Quick change


Lightning Kid

Some people are so perceptive and masters of their own fate; the American dream is realized through hard word, ambitious     undertakings, and solid partnership. I love tattooing couples and seeing  how their footpathes intertwine into paved roads; human nature a rope of many threads.

Thanks for discussing Life and the wee bits inbetween



It shouldn’t be that hard

To grow. 

Unless the soil  –soul—-  is rocky, shallow, and not meant for more than a quick bloom

I wonder always about investment; time and energy into projects, work, friendships! Gardening


What is worth it and what was a misuse of time? 

Old Friends are great, I love you guys

New friends, you’re dope and down I love you guys


Well, you have to subscribe for 6 months, but maybe you meet that dream mate!

Although organic is pretty darn nice ( though not free- make sure he can afford a train ticket), it’s nice to see two lovely beeing coming together.

As this Stanford chemistry grad said, if her picker was off, why not try an objective platform? 

Great, maybe, I stick to tattoos;)


Trees for recovery

2 years sober

From the backwoods of Alabama to the cold wiley winters of Oregan, this kid travelled down from from Michigan’s Detroit for a ‘sobering vacation with like minded friends.

Asheville is a place to be stabile. Because of it’s organic take on growth, one is allowed to develope at their own speed. 

How wonderful.


A Man of Integrity

Life lived without signifigant regret

Happens to those who live with integrity and are guided by their faith.

My Grandpa, Jim Ruffer. Jet Pilot, Marine, Doctor, Teacher

He who leaves a mark and his grandaughter, my strong and compassionate sister following his lead. 


From Philly with love

NE COAST: stop 2

We hit up Phillly’s best: Cheesesteak to infamous Mütter Museum then the radest art cafe: The Pharmacy

We left NY, glad to leave that conglamorite  of chaos for more ‘local and historic hood shores.

Travellor tip: stick to the Hamburgs and Glasglows for your sanity. Tourist Metrpolises are grand for film but they are overromanticized. Over priced and neurotic Airbnb rentals, traffic a nightmare, and the camera flashes do NOT block out the natural expanse of brilliant architecture!!

Also, the humility of people is more potent and less hostile 😉


NYC: The Red and Delicious Apple 

The American Dream

Our excited Alvin finally getting his first bite: how enticing that shiny, dark cadium fruit of life appeared. And how it was! The first night in the bouroughs of Bushwick; colors of skin varrying like that of the Granny Smiths and Braeburns , but the plastic aftertaste  of ‘The City’ left a oily, container taste at the back of the tongue.

Welcome to Corporate Tourism. Subways- under-construction, clash of the camera-ladened Clansman, guttertrash polidhed sidewalks and Money! Money to be poured out everywhere.

It is so expansive, it leaves you in awe followed by awkward indecision:  Where to next? 
Travellor’s Tip: avoid AirBnbs in Bushwick. (But not Airbnb all together! Stick Super Airbnbers, reviews are worth their weight in gold!)  Hosts called Lauren will seek to scam you. Don’t mess with Alvin, he comes from Mafia land. 


Dublin Layover

Dubl’nMay 26th, long layover
Don’t know what was I expecting

But this is what I found: tired


 -travelling alone to who knows where see what is what not, beautiful cobbled streets paved with the dirty, useless bits I used to cling to: ___________ and _____________, cloudy wonderment of mind and moments of estatic clearity

My body says. No, my mind says: And? Is there not more? Run to something not escape from existence.

I battled with being a bore and staying in the Airport; how lame said my half. You are not taking advantage of the situation!
But with every city comes a since of loss, loneliness and readiness to build! Not spend. The human condition can be quite ugly in a city. Productive, gaudy, loud exhausting: a bore says the other half.
No one talks to the girl keeping to herself.Few leave their packs to put coins in cups.Pack mentality at it’s finest; I like it so, don’t get me wrong- intelligent conversation is hard to find among ones’ cups.

It is so good to have seen this, despite the time it took; a very clear line drawn between the past and potential future.
The last run: a metropolis through another’s eyes. How I hope it rekindles the passion, sharing cobbled bits of sensation with one I love.


Fear, sadness

I have lost a friend and a partner.

We were a drug you could not buy and a time too quick to catch. When together, everyone was invited to the pleasure party but few could keep up. I adored him, but in the case of all lovers of love, adored many; besides, what is love when continents seperate bodies? Both have their own lives to lead.

I wonder if I miss him because the void – filled with constant travel and new highs, kicks and giggles- opened up and reminded me Germany is in the near. You can’t fill a heart with kidgames, not when you are returning to what created that crator in the first place.

There will be no pleasure cruise this time round, no ecstacy nor wondermeant; no clean kitchen tattooing and a host of friends to attend our party of two. Late nights, batting eyes, burgers burgers and smiley kid fries- there will be no Alvin.

Despite knowing the seperate pathes we travel now, it has been a joy having your comforting hand in mine, making this path just a bit more stable knowing we were missed and loved, by someone wonderful


Bizzare Events, Bushwick

Now infiltraited with hipster white kids and walkable nighttime tracks, I hit up a delightfully twisted event called ‘Circus Satanis’, held in Bushwick’s Bizzare Bar and Venue.

-Smurf about to take off those delicate baby garments-

Just the distraction I needed when left with a hole somewhere near my blood pumping center.

-staple those dollars-

Sword swallowing stripteases and raunchy Clown recieving multiple pokes and incersions; the last act the- the Facial Suspension, was intense.

-swallowing swords-

From suburban shopping at Nordstrom rack and Trader Joes,  to hanging from a 600lb- capable hook, to each his own and all ways to to get high. Some people spend money, others excersize or create art or play music or just work; or indulge in alcohal or food, these kids made a show out of pushing limits, and it was indeed a piece of the pleasure pie


New York New York

 New York
Riding trains

This is what I dreamt about

When I peruse through the coral depths and seaweed entangled lengths of memory, it is often strewn with the walking of cities, the smelling of new fragrances and fumes, the observations of people in their natural habitat and neighborhoods ticktocking behind their unique Grandfather faces.







Brussels and Glasgow

Edinburgh, Dublin
Dallas, Baltimore, New York

Amtrak once, 19 hr Journey San Antonio to Alpine-
Life told through trains


Wheels on the tracks soothing the soul like clockwork


Hotspot of the Hood

Libraries, used book stores, wonderful outside cafes and delictable chocolate eateries …. walking the River arts district and falling in love time and time again with a dream house

This place is killer and I am glad to have spent time with my friend Carol Ann



That doesn’t necessarily mean ‘JOIN, OR DIE’ like Franklin says, but be THAT person TO TAKE ACTION IN IT. If you want to feel national pride, participate in an encouraging way to shape your community.

I left the USA in expatriot dust, now I return and realize it all begins with your local community. 

Asheville is a place to proud of; see hoe the people treat eachother and the holla-hoops hanging from trees. This would be magical in Autumn and Halloween. 

I got to tattoo an awesome man today. Tetired Fireman, Harley Cruiser- him and his lady show me yet another aspect of this town. It it fitting for so many different types of people, I feel at home. 
Thanks guys! Maybe see you soon! 


Asheville, city of simple pleasures

Bearded men pushing baby strollers, 

Music venues,microwbreweries, laundrymats! Laundrymats speak of transients and communals, of older filk and new arrivals.

Each storefront an artist’s delight, it’s the less pretensious, more outdoorsy Aunt of Austin. Cool March air pushes for something productive and robust: a hike perhaps, or the simple act of doing your laundry.

What a pleasure, after the constant driving of Florida, to wake up with the birds, a banana and an egg ( provide by Bon Paul and Sharkies Hostel, ofcourse) and take a hike.


Blue Ridge Parkway: Breathtaking Views

Instead of hiking it, I could not help driving the length of curve and dashing turns- so many ‘gaps’ or over reaches ine could look from. Appalachia is rather dull this time of year, being March, one can only dream of the green of spring or eery hues in Fall.


Sugar Momma Brazilian

So reserved and like a simple student she seems, well  no……..

Peices are often natural born leaders because of their contemplative minds. One would think them to flow with their emotions like water, but really- when in check of matural intuition- are great motivators and organizers. This Brazilian is no exception, at 23 she a manages a luxury car dealership and helps to support her family. 

Another point, the vetting system of obtaining a greencard are complex and slow in the USA. She was unable to continue onto University because of it. 

Interesting where we end up because of our circumstance, borders, and mental acuity. 


Be wary of the Chimpanzies

And welcoming to new friends

Travelors of like mind surface from mountains to cities to sunny, Floridian beaches.

I found this one in Fort Lauderdale. Cody escorted me on nighttime surf adventures and palm tree yacht- talk walks. This kid spent   months exploring Vietnam to Cambodia to Laos and, speeding along with only moped and satchel at hand. 

Thanks for taking me in sir, I’ll see you on the open road or atop the next active volcano. 


Emily Tides

Look her up. A ridiculous artist and surprising gem found in the soft, warm shores of Southern Florida.
When I met this girl we were just swaping clever rhetoric then our safe courteous collegueship dove into dangerous waters: Second Amendment.

She is someone who will call you out then lift a hand when you fall, she reminds me a bit of Christina ‘Kabala’ Johnson- and that dynamic lady is a friend for life.

Thanks for inventing  me in, taking me to Ren Fest and introducing me to my new running mate Cody. You are a not a diamond but the tide of the ocean, moving things into place and making your mark on these shores. 


Character spices up the pie

Check these kids out! Cor cor the Pop collector and Skye Mr. Vegan Apprentice

Fanny Pack and Mr. Chris, crazy Mad- color Gabe , Miss Amber our privy parts party piercer and Rusty, the master of the Switch.

Angel, Dylan, Michael Pierced by a Wolf, also my darling. Emily Tides-

All of you guys have been fantastic. This shop opperates like an Art Gallery, each artist is given their own creative space and can come to nest under one organized roof.

I had a blast with these amazing artists. They work hard, each have their two days off in recompense for 10 hr long back to backs, eating awesome food and have that sense of community that leans still towards a ‘family’ shop, despite amount of artists. It was great! If you ever want a Satellite shop, you know where to find me… well, maybe…. Asheville next!


Gather Awareness

And be thankful for your health. It is not a given. This lovely gentleman lost his ‘Minimouse’  a week before. So we retained her memory on his arm.

I see so much more loss here compared to having worked in Germany; I wonder if it is because of our culrural approach to it or actual health differences.



It seems like a lot of shops I visit are more on the outskirts of a city; interesting. Could be because lower costs or because as artists start to develope families, they want a safer, calm environment. Who knows! 

This shop has a solid, competent and kind team. We see how the week rolls! Lots of little walkins, new experiences… 



Crew House

Check it out, right in the heart of Fort Lauerdale yacht scene. Staying in a crew house! He’s wiped or  just sprang his ankle running from a security guard. Whi knows?

It’s kind of like a mixture of College, Dexter, and a smiling retirement community. Lots of springbreakers, probably suspicious blood patterns, and probiotics. 

Yachts. Lots of Yachts.


Dispersed camping vs. Hotel 6

US National Forests offer free camping sights year round. No Toilets or convient ammenities, reminding us how we are really just animals pooping in the woods;)

Choosing this place over a Walmart parking lot or moldy hotel lenins was the best decision: live outside your comfort zone and be rewarded with the kiss of clear skys and  palm leaves!



You know there are dog daycares? I did not; it’s equivalent for children exceptwith a grooming sess’thrown in. 

In a time when Millienals are choosing pets over having kids, an interesting notion. For a few dollars today let those darlins’ play;)

Thank you Josh fellow gentleman tattooers, I learnt so much had a wonderful time in Dallas. Check out the view! Nothing like an artist loft in the up-and-coming Cedars area;)


So I Got An Eagle

You wanna learn? Then pay attention; American Traditionalism in 30 minutes.

  1. Thin, single pass line. What size needles did Jerry use? 3, 5’s. Every 5 years the line expands and doubles in thickness. And if you can’t get it done in one pass, try harder. That said, he runs fast machines with experienced hands.
  2. Cleaned skin with Octi-scrub ( on a warm plate!feels like unicorn kisses), red stencil WITH S8 stencil cream
  3. One pass line, fast shade starting with rock, leaves, eagle. Blue at the top of the eagle head, feet, flower. Red circle and wip out. Yellow eye, feet, beak. Power of 3’s
  4. Cleaned with WARMED Opti-scrub, 30 sec. Then Armor Gel, a anti- bacterial gel, then warm- ragged to lift up something I did not understand. Bam! Packaged up

Lots to learn.

Tattoo’s don’t necessarily have to be redetailed with liner after shades; color expands ovet time and it all fills in. That’s why wip shading works ( dirty shading), after 5 years it softens up without damaging the skin with overconcentrated, miniscule shading;)

Cleaning process: i like new processes to try!


Get a **ck**** Eagle

Thank you Josh Hall.

And not to bust Mr. Hall’s Balloons, Pappy McCall you are the man. It was kind and humble of you to show me the ropes! 

Will your tattoo last more than 30 years? Yellow fades, no matter what, so blast it in. Sidenote, scales on the back of eagle wing; 2 layers of feathers- how to shade it as fast as possible.

Traditionalism rules /implications:

1. Let Jerry  do it. If you can’t draw that eagle up to scratch, traditionally speaking, let Jerry do it, Malone do it, Owen Jensen, Doc King.You are allowed to copy old flash, IF YOU DO IT WELL. Just give credit. Jerry did it.

2. Black black black. It needs more black

3. 10-11 volt liner. No joke, it’s like a bike. The faster you go the straiter your path, but only if you have the experience to control them’ wheels.

4.Trad’ colors. Was there magenta? Hell no. How about Orange? Nope. Red. Green. Solid golden yellow. Brown. Maybe purple and blue, after the 50’s

Also. Big fat powder pigments. Not micro pigments like Fusion; make it so that blasted sun cannot break up that color!
5. Flash: really good paper, caligraphy pen, watercolormor acrylic inks. SPITSHADING

6. Throw it out:  if you color out of the lines, throe it out! Start over. As replicated and true as possible! Unlike my painterly- abstract direction that is always reinventing itself, Old School is like laying pipes: as clean and solid as possible.

7. Tattoo it like you paint your flash. Solid, same weight lines. Black from corner wip shaded out. Broen, green red, yellow. Hell no, no white!

8. Right Machine for the job. Efficient and easy. Keep it simple stupid.
I love to learn;)



So, I have come across lots of hyper kids like me who have taken to the road figuratively; they have chosen to live outside convention and become a Colorado transient chasing the waves’ or ‘powder, or they have become freelancer. 
They can be a bit skewy, their brains flowing like honey- thanks Adam-  or super fast neorotransmitters jumping through topics of thought like a madman- thanks Kevin;)- 

I have found they need movement and action to calm them, plus some do smoke to compensate that blasting energy (sidenote- Colorado). They are the movers and doers and ADHD meds really only ofset that energy.

I took Ritalin for years. I never talked about it because of the judgement I would recieve, especially in southern Germany 🙂 Since returning stateside, and not having the option to see a doctor on a regular basis, I decided to quit taking it and see who I am again. 

I have a lot of fear concerning this; what if I can’t get stuff done? What if my creative, wild spagetti brain takes over and I am even more chaotic than now?

Also, coming from a classic eating disordered history, what if i gain signifigant weight? So much to do and so mich changing while on the road, this is just another inconstant variable.

But lets try. No one reads the blog and it makes for more concise thinking than just a journal.

I mean, I am a chaos kid, right? What can go wrong! ( putting on my knee and elbow pads as I write, ;)))


First tats of the season!

And we are off!

What great ladies- Stacy and Heidi- from the analytics of personalities ro how it is raising kids at such a young age, my my we girls of travel be a diverse lot. Take care  ladies, you are awesome

Dallas, ain’t so bad. A bit too shiny but so it rolls! 

Couchsurfing is rather lovelly. How diverse! 



Carnival is back in town! Full action all the time, that’s right folks- these be some mean muscle maschine tattoo artists. 

Well, not mean. Delightful actually!

Since I met Mr. Hall, I have come quite a way.

Edging away from that Eurotrash art and doing some ‘REAL LINES’


The Beer and Butter Diet

Should be taken in calm measure. Where oh where have the elegant  limbs and nimble feet gone?  Wonder why truckers have guts- all that driving! After a beer and butter diet for the last feew weeks, time let those limbs move! So I did by hitting up the Woodlands fine and wealthy living communities;) 

First idea was join a corporate gym, then I could shower on the road! But, Like Grandpa Ruffer alwys said, 

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid 

Use that surrounding wealth and enjoy wind in your hair as you flex out thoseconstricted  tendons and unleash the power of… 5 crunches ;)) 


Burley Btch*in Butch Tattoo

It was the mutual style of cut off ts and make- up free virgin faces. And the manic energy, two powerhouses of creative madness.

Sarah, we will be friends for life I hope. At least roomies and roamers. You reaffirm the doubt a freelancer has, hells girl you be kickin’ it!

Upcoming Guest spots!!!!

Feb 24th-March 3rd: Josh Hall & Co, Dallas Texas

March 6TH-19TH: No Hard Feelings Tattoo, Coral Springs, FL

March 24th-26th: Freaks and Geeks Sideshow, Asheville, NC

April 7th-9th: Baltimore Tattoo Convention

April 10th-23rd: Mt. Vernon Body Art, Baltimore, MD



Between the breadth of 18 hours, head twirls on it’s toes. Mind packed with tattoo ideas, flash and painting possibillities, mixing with that withdraw of emotion following an intense time with another individual. Ludwigsburg, what a surpising about of foreign minds and music love.

And returning to Magnolia, Tx, a place -despite having harbored my teenage years – feels ever foreign to me.
But again, surprise. A few beautiful, YOUNG individuals have passed  away; they were close to my family, and in strength this community rallies around their families and provides support, companionship, love- elements essential in the first stages after lodd. 
The world on it’s axis; everyplace only an oppinion. Much to learn Miss Granger, be kind; be kind. 


From New to Old 

From customer to friend.

Theough tattooing one discovers other’s minds, dreams, and depth of heart.

Thank you Lena for the many years pf patronage, it was pleasure seeing the rather sweet face of anslytics again. And note this: it will all get better!!!


Be kind 

I adore this boy.

And life. Come and go, relationship or free spirits uniting under bewildering circumstance: trust your instinct and be free. If people or external perception trap you, aim for objectivity. I go soon, but not memory or a feeling of solidarity.

We see, 6 months is only as long as one percieves a life span. 


Heart of Roses

So before I left on my grand mission, a lovely damsel wrote to get a tattoo. Coincedently, she started to work with my partner at the Rock n’ Roll Bar in Ludwigsburg. Was it fate? Yes

Watercolor roses! You are Energy, lovely Hannah. Kind and excited, a passionate person with a heart set on life. You will make one fantastic English teacher, and a friend to be a think. 


Never Stop



Acting with conviction and slightly askewed undiplomatic passion

Living breathing seeing   -seeing light and taking in all the

 flavors of night and quiet considerations, wild outside sounds open windows fresh air while he is    is  


Writing and cooking, grimacing at unexpected cold coffee and me smiling at his silly assumption that caffeine should be heated. 

Blackbeard grinned so, as he took up his quill to sketch a plan laced hunger for gold gold gold

Black black black was the night as we gave our feet to a band i can no longer recall


Single Mothers

Old friends are where it is at.

Also the band is rather delightful, especially for a 13 year old in a 29year olds body 😉

Many people say come and visit, and the ones who fight through traffic and cross state lines are friends for life 😉

Mel was one of my first friends here in Bavaria, oh so many painful years ago. Vibrant, hard working single mom- we share that exceptional situation of having in different cultural worlds. It was a pleasure dear, sharing another scottish- irish adventure!


Birthmas Burgerplus

One wild night makes for a chilled out birthday.

Last year I promised myself never to spend it so melancholic a state. I had a date to leave and no concrete plans. It was cold, a bit desolate, and the calm before the storm.

Cheapest flight found, best decision thus far 2017. When you are on the right path, and you areprioritizing your needs,   you will naturally be stronger and happier for others. Less insecure and more objective when approaching people. I start to see people for who they are and not for what I want them to be. 

Or what I want them to think I am. Wierd. 




Always wanted to be picked up by a nervous, energetic italian guitarist at an airport. 

Dream come true.

And check out my prebday gift! A stewardess at KLM asked me to draw something up so I did- 

And then I was fiven a notebook. Every year at this time I have anew one. What coincedence, or not;) 

And now the cook is cooking me up something amazing. Props to cute boys with skills’ 


My girl, our music, bask in the sunshine sometime


Being supported

Supporting, I have to work on that last one-being a doer I tend to forget to watch, support others in their work and passion. After this years ‘get Autonomous year’,  that will be my next goal.

We can’t do it alone. My girl Carol Ann brings the suave elegance to the party. She is a grant writer for a History Museum but her real passion lays with children’s literacy. And femist punk band. Oh! And being an eclectic collector of novice art 😉 

She is a supporter, secretley buying one of my Moth paintings. And feeding me migas.

You are in my heart girl, now decide: Asheville or Baltimore?


Planting New Roots

Working as a custom artist at a lovely  shop taught me discipline, structure, and how to draw to the client’sneeds. I am not a flash artist but a builder of creative ideas, and am thankful that Rabauke brought me to where I am today. 

So many things I was told and shown I can now put into place; nothing feels like work when done with passion.

From my last tattoo at the Austin convention, I quickly my 10 min tree sketch turned into a thought-provoking discussion on life, work, new beginnings, and how having kids so young makes for a fiesty way to spend the next half of one’s life. In AUSTIN  to boot!

Thanks Ron, it was a pleasure!



I don’t ever want to experience something like this, but it was wonderful that you shared it with me, Colby. 

His Story: at 18 months their little boy passed away from a rare case of Epilepsy. A week later, this vibrant, charismatic gentleman landed on my stool. 
I get to share unbelievable things with people, everyday. Estatic, tragic, it’s heart on a sleeve everyday of the week.

Take care of yourself, Sir, and your lovely wife. You are ine of the good ones


Woman in a Mountain

The gems of the job!

So I’ve gotten into Zodiacs- no really! It makes for a fun, hardly credible analysis-

And I realized, like my Mom in germany, Cancer women tend to focus their emotions through solitary physical activity. 

This Cancer, a Geologist, has climbed many a’steep slopes. Maybe I will go rock climbing next time in town! 

Thanks Ashley! A real pleasure;)


Slothe in the Shop! 

Best day of my life.

Almost. Too busy to actually get to hold the slothe! I got to hang out with some of my favorite ladies. Intelligent, intuitive, dynamic in thought and quirky passion!

Miss Sperm whale, cave- climbing rad redhead! You are tough as nails, girl and I am pumped we got to continue our full- on body project!

And Mrs. Homeless in Houston; she brings the virgo organization and objective approach to non- profits. Great ear, lady! And go funny, funky passions;))

Grilling thanks to good Nevada Zoo people and great Grillin’ from the King of the burnt Thumb. Just one word: Vegetables.;))

Oh, and white-tailed deer. 


Who needs sparkplugs?

Paying 2 grand for a car implies complication. I love it; i have stop overs in beautiful places. 

Found a cheap motel, first of the trip. Colorado Inn, clean and on the main strip. Even have a rad mechanic next door

With skylines like this to greet one so early, I think I can handle a bit of waiting.

Also! When in need, your local Goodwillstore will provide you with reduced 80’s hiking boots, free coffee, and plenty of local chat!


Townies, goodbye Breck’

Picture psychedelic musings over  expresso and pizza; in Breck’  that is normal. People interchange their boards for bikes as soon as summer comes, they don’t stop moving until they are travelling somewhere else.

My guys at the local market; brightening my every visit!

Good vibes, fuel for the travelor heart. 

If only my car did not break down again!

What a joy, and then we move on to warmer pastures


Friendship since Middle school

Last day at Godspeed; When I began my pre- journey last year I was set on serving something higher than myself. Stumbeling apon a shop called ‘Godspeed’ was  coincidental; last day of my epiphany and 5 ladies all living their life fully.  Make friends, serve community


Down the looking glass

I am a romantic; stories and color and not just the taste of the cake buy how was it made and with what? What makes the cream linger on your lips and the strawberry dance among the buds of your tongue? The layers of fluff or the soft crunch of an excellent crust: A great desert follows discipline, patience, and tastes like a reward.

We snowshoed an hour up, collected our wood, prepared for a -20 night. Once the stove got burning, cold day fell into a sauna night; with music flowing in and happy energy out; it answered a piece of the Mystery Puzzle. Is the reward worth the effort? Yes, everytime. One comes down the mountain a bit changed. More evolved. 


Avalanche Seminar

I went for the free pasta and came out with one piece of info: Buy stuff.

I am sure  were more facts, but drawing Mountains took over my mental capacity to retain information.

Heres what I have: 

1. they are going to kill you

2. you have 15 min. till you die from lack of oxygen

3. watch out for trees! 1/4 of deaths are trama related are your friends only rescue opportunity

5. under 30 degrees is a safe slope


Broken Compass Brewery

Taste the spokes, play some trivia

I am not be the fountain of knowledge, but we had a killer team of service industry professionals, skiers, snowboarders, high critical tv information gathers, and the token Brit;))

Try the Coconut Porter, a real Christmas treat! Where can someone get so cozy in a brewery, win gloves, and better thy ego over chocolste stouts??? 

The team;)) see the pensive thought process taking place? – Kevin, Andrew, my girl always in action Jill, Matt, and the missing Sierra 😉

And my long trek home; all 10 minutes worth tve effort!!


Welcome to the Virgin Islands

If you can cause tattoo and talk nonstop, you might have found the perfect client. Therapist? Yes, paid for both giving pain and connecting with a new individual; I couldn’t have asked for a more fun time. Thank you Stingray Geno! You bet your bottome dollar I will be visiting Virgin Islands soon… ;))


SE Alaskian Native American Art, and then some

The best tattoos tell a story or share an adventure; it was a pleasure to tattoo this artwork by a member of  the Tlingit Tribe, Israel  Shotridge. 

Check out those thighs! You can tell the lady that recieved it was an advent Trekker and permeant Transient. Oxymoron, eh?